December 1st 2020 @ 2pm GMT (3pm CET; 9am EST)

Learn how Automatic Document Separation makes a difference

Speaker(s): Henning Krause & Christoph Schulte Althoff

Whether documents enter the process as paper or as email attachments, a majority of them still need to be separated before further processing. Manual or semi-manual (e.g. barcodes) separation is a repetitive an...

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July 29th 2020 @ 2pm GMT (4pm CET; 10am EST)

Document Capture Automation: Best practices for successful implementations

Speaker(s): Manfred Traeger & Ties Bos

Two figures to illustrate the growing challenge all organizations face: Worldwide corporate data is doubling every 2 years In 2019, unstructured data is 7 times bigger than structured data. In 2000, it ...

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June 17th @ 2pm GMT (4pm CET; 10am EST)

Selling IRISXtract™ “as a Service”

Speaker(s): Bart Ballegeer

Ever wondered if you can offer IRISXtract™ as a Service? The answer is yes. Using your own hardware/cloud or as a complete ready-to-go cloud solution, both are possible. With IRISXtract™ as a service, the cu...

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June 10th 2020 @ 2:00pm GMT (4:00pm CET; 10:00am EST; 7:00am PST)

Discover the Hybrid Experience – The combination of free-text & zonal extraction in one solution

Speaker(s): Henning Krause & David O’Sheridan

Even in a more and more digital world, industries like Healthcare and Education are still relying massively on paper-based documents. While some documents are 100% machine printed, many others include also hand...

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June 3rd 2020 @ 3:30pm GMT (5:30pm CET; 11:30am EST; 8:30am PST)

Seamless Integrations into your Business Applications: Focus on IRISConnect™ Intelligent Links

Speaker(s): Sam Trausneck

Business integration is driving the present-day organizations and is a key catalyst for growth. It allows organizations to leverage their existing processes, people, technology, and information to stay ahead of...

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May 19th 2020 @ 3:30pm GMT (5:30pm CET; 11:30am EST; 8:30am PST)

Accounts Payable Automation: Beyond OCR, highlight on PO Matching

Speaker(s): Joe Siegal & Michael Deitche

Got invoices to process? Of course! Businesses and organizations of all types pay invoices for goods and services purchased. Industry sources quote a variety of invoice processing cost estimates such as, Res...

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May 13th 2020 @ 1:30pm GMT (3:30pm CET; 9:30am EST)

Automating the HR document flow – The Connexxion business case

Speaker(s): Bart Ballegeer

Any employer, small or large, needs a personal file for each employee. DMS solutions, payroll and HR applications offer a lot of advantages through digital employee files. But in order to use all these advantag...

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May 13th 2020 3pm Philippine Standard Time

Digitization and Automation in the Philippines

Speaker(s): Peter Ortmanns, Achim Lindt & Yasuhiko Shiraki

The Covid-19 pandemic is harming rather all of us. Lockdowns result in less business which leads to short-time working or even more severe decisions. Dislocated staff suffers from poor or no access to incoming ...

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