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December 1st 2020 @ 2pm GMT (3pm CET; 9am EST)

Learn how Automatic Document Separation makes a difference

Speaker(s): Henning Krause & Christoph Schulte Althoff

Whether documents enter the process as paper or as email attachments, a majority of them still need to be separated before further processing. Manual or semi-manual (e.g. barcodes) separation is a repetitive and time consuming task.

Learn how IRIS combines multiple intelligent techniques to accelerate and facilitates IRISXtract™’s import process using the Automatic Document Separation (ADS) add-on.

The ADS add-on can be used with all IRISXtract™ solutions (Accounts Payable, Digital Mailroom, Purchase Order, Hybrid Forms and Document Converter).

This webinar provides a good summary to get started with the Automatic Document Separation add-on. You will discover the sales killing arguments, good practice examples, business cases…

Demo will show how easy the configuration is and what results to expect.

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