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May 13th 2020 3pm Philippine Standard Time

Digitization and Automation in the Philippines

Speaker(s): Peter Ortmanns, Achim Lindt & Yasuhiko Shiraki

The Covid-19 pandemic is harming rather all of us. Lockdowns result in less business which leads to short-time working or even more severe decisions. Dislocated staff suffers from poor or no access to incoming communication. The increasing Email communication results in a weak centralized process governance. Processes get stuck or delayed. Sales orders, deliveries or invoices can’t be processed what even spins the negative spiral. In a nutshell: the economic system is co-infected by Covid-19.

The weaker the level of digital transformation in an organization is, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Help is needed and on its way, because it is never too late to automate. We support your path from stabilization to recovery with three months complimentary use of our software. In later phases we consult you, scaling further from recovery to business development and prevent future impacts.

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