IRISXtract for Documents

Companies receive tons of documents and information on a daily basis, both paper and electronic. Processing them is time consuming and resource intensive.

IRISXtract™ for Documents is a ‘Content to Process’ platform that automatically classifies documents and extracts essential information. It transfers relevant data to your business process applications, faster and more efficiently than any manual processing. Our software ensures paperless processing of the best quality, in every language, for every document and every process.

“Billions of documents prove IRISXtract™ efficiency and consistency!”


Lightens workload

Reduces operation costs

Increases efficiency

Optimises business processing

Increases reliability and quality

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IRISXtract™ Solutions

Accounts Payable Capture Solution

Speed up and improve invoice processing


Purchase Order Capture Solution

Automate order processing


Forms Processing

Automatically capture structured forms


Digital Mailroom Automation

Classify and capture structured and unstructured documents


IRISXtract™ for Documents

Your unique business process optimization platform

Innovation and Evolution

An innovative classification engine that uses statistical operators, based on certain features and characteristic values, to analyze documents. The data extraction is based on a free-form, full text approach, that requires no templates, manual configuration or complicated training.

The Platform concept

A flexible solution platform that you can easily configure to fit with your needs. Do you need to host different solutions simultaneously, or do you want to run one type of solution for different projects and customers? IRISXtract™ can be both a Multi-Application and a Multi-Tenancy-Application.


A scalable platform that follows your needs whether you process 100 or 10 000 documents a day. Whatever the type of document or the volume you need to process, the platform can be configured to fit your business requirements.

100% Intellectual Property

An IRIS developed software that ensures the best quality and full flexibility. All technologies (OCR, PDF compression, …) used within IRISXtract™ are 100% property of the IRIS Group. What does that mean for you? A strong and independent partner, every step of the way.

IRISXtract™ Key Features

  • Intelligent Document Classification

    Statistical classification

  • Intelligent Document Analysis

    Data extraction and free-form analysis based on rule sets

  • Multi-Application

    One installation to host different solutions for different business processes

  • Multi-Tenancy

    One installation to run different configurations of the same solution

  • Multi Channel

    All types of documents: paper, electronic, email in different formats

  • Efficient implementation and reliable project cost calculation
  • Easy Integration

    Into your system or business application

  • Business Intelligence

    Process optimization via reliable tracking and tracing

  • Fuzzy Reference Data Reconciliation

    80 million address data in under 1 sec

  • Conversion

    Export of compressed high quality data and images

  • Multilingual

    Recognition of 137 languages

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