Purchase Order Capture Solution

Significantly reduce your workload by automating the order processing using the Purchase Order Capture Solution. IRISXtract™ captures all relevant order data, delivering streamlined document flows. The result? Faster, more reliable, no orders lost and less human error. This solution optimizes your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Quick and flawless processing

Improved staff productivity and customer service

Audit-ready processes

Quick return on investment

Overall increased efficiency

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Automate and optimize your purchase order processing


Step 1 Import

All your purchase orders are imported: scans, fax, emails, SFTP, etc.

Step 2 Extract

No template needed, all indexes are automatically extracted.

Step 3 Verify

Data is double-checked using an extensive set of rules.

Step 4 Export

Purchase Order data is automatically routed to your system.

Your benefits

Reference data reconciliation

Our solution captures relevant customer information from orders and compares it with reference data to complete what’s missing. Identifying the customer is key to trigger the right workflow based on the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA).

High quality extraction for efficient order processing

We guarantee unrivalled extraction performance, using our home-made XContent engine. It searches relevant information and interprets data, even in very complex table structures.

Content Check

Our invoice processing solution performs a content check after extraction. It examines individual fields and the relationships between them.

Free-form approach

Our flexible approach provides automatic adaptations to any type of purchase order. There’s no hassle with different formats and templates.


Our software enables training for some specific orders and customers, for an even higher quality of the recognition performance.


IRISXtract™ meets our quality standards perfectly. With the help of IRIS we were able to reduce the processing times and simplify our working procedures.

- Günther Grimm, Order Management, Weber

Throughout the demanding selection process, IRIS showed itself to be an expert provider of products and solutions in the area of intelligent document processing.

- Roland Spitzhirn, General Manager, Scanpoint

We have achieved a noticeable increase in performance across the entire company thanks to the automation of our invoice and order processing.

- Anton Lütte, Head of IT, FRANKE

Increasing quality basically means that we use automatic data capturing and testing to prevent capture errors as much as possible, which in turn has a positive effect on overall process costs.

- Peter Reinhardt, Head of Accounts Payable, E/D/E

Sorting, reading and manually entering sales orders into our ERP software is now done automatically and about 400% faster! Getting IRISXtract™ was one of the best decisions we ever made.

- Mike Fantakis, Management Analyst, Worldwide Superabrasives

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