Forms processing

Our forms processing solution captures indexes from any type of structured document coming into your business: questionnaires, applications, evaluations…  IRISXtract™ captures, analyses and routes the targeted data to the right business process.


All types of paper and electronic forms

Improved staff productivity

Hand-written and machine-printed forms

Easy integration into your system

Overall increased efficiency

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Automate form & free-form data capture


Step 1 Scan/Import

The solution can process structured forms, unstructured documents and a combination of both: hybrid forms.

Step 2 Extraction

Index capture is based on form and free-form IRIS made extraction algorithms.

Step 3 Verification

Data is double-checked using an extensive set of rules.

Step 4 Export

Images & data are automatically routed where you need them to be.

Your benefits

Character recognition

Our solution combines various Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engines. This ensures accurate field capturing with the highest throughput rate.

Recognition of table structures

Because fields often vary in size and structure, our technology works with dynamic masks to adjust different table layouts.

Data Base Matching

Extracted data is automatically checked against reference data, efficiently and quickly in real time.


Our new form designer is developed to speed up the configuration process while adding more features to capture complex documents.


We were not only able to process the large amount of invoices faster and more efficiently, but also to use the same solution for the travel coupons. This was a real advantage for us.

- Anette Kryger, Danske Statsbaner

We were impressed not only by the excellent extraction technology provided by IRISXtract™ for Documents, but also by I.R.I.S.’ commitment.

- Pablo Sarrias, EVP Corporate Development Scytl

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