Document Converter Solution

The IRISXtract™ Document Converter Solution is a fully scalable and modular application that automatically converts your documents into fully searchable and hyper-compressed files adapted for editing and long-term archiving. Output documents are routed to the archiving or back-end system of your choice (cloud or on-premise), for fast and easy access.

Convert your documents to PDF/A-1b for long-term archiving

Share documents easily thanks to IRIS hyper-compressed PDF technology

Retrieve any information within searchable PDFs quickly

Comply with regulations

Reduce your storage costs

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Automate Fast & Reliable Document Conversion


Step 1 Scan/Import

Folders, cloud and email addresses are automatically polled

Step 2 OCR

Documents are OCRed and processed

Step 3 Conversion

Output images and text layers are combined within compressed searchable PDFs for easy sharing and long-term archiving

Step 4 Export

The solution routes output documents right to where you need them to be

Features to address your needs

Easy to install, easy to configure

IRISXtract™ Document Converter comes with a dedicated installer allowing you to start most projects in a couple of hours! Specific needs can be addressed via user-friendly configuration steps while scripting can do the extra mile to meet extra-ordinary demands.

Highly scalable & flexible

The Document Converter Solution will be configured to address your needs, from small volumes to hundreds of thousands of documents per day.
Moreover, if you want to grow your capture capacities, the IRISXtract™ installation can easily host more dedicated solutions like a Digital Mailroom or an Accounts Payable Solution.

Image enhancement

Deskewing: text skews on the image are removed.
Orientation detection: images are automatically rotated.
Despeckling: noisy pixels are removed.

Powerful text recognition

IRIS-made OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology perfectly recognizes 130+ languages.
A full-page OCR layer is created and exported as part of a searchable PDF file (or as an editable file format like .doc, .txt …).
Moreover, the IRIS DocText feature can skip the OCR step and retrieve existing text layers from searchable PDFs.

PDF hyper-compression

IRIS-made iHQC™ technology (Intelligent Hyper Quality Compression) produces PDF documents up to 50 times smaller than usual.
The output compressed PDF is a real PDF (no need for a specific tool or software to read it) embedding both a high-quality image and a full-page text layer.

Straightforward integration into your system

IRISXtract™ exports your documents to system folders, archives and any third-party application via the IRISConnect™ Toolbox add-on.
IRISConnect™-dedicated connectors are also available for SharePoint, Therefore, FTP, ODBC, CMIS and cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive.

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