Digital Mailroom Automation

The IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom Automation solution is a fully scalable and modular platform that automatically classifies all types of incoming documents, extracts key data and routes it to the right recipient, using the relevant business process application. Your documents and the data captured are made available in your company’s system, for fast and easy access.


Improved responsiveness and business processes

Work faster and smarter

Improved customer and supplier satisfaction

More control on information flow

Increased employee productiveness

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Automate and optimize your company’s document processing


Step 1 Scan / Import

Multiple channels to import your documents.

Step 2 Classification

Straightforward configuration, allowing almost-unlimited document types.

Step 3 Data extraction

Freeform, template-free extraction. You decide what fields you need per document type.

Step 4 Export

Depending on their type, documents and the data captured are routed where you need them to be.

A unique set of features

Straightforward classification setup

With XClassify you configure an extensive classification scenario in just a few clicks. Whatever the number of document types, you just have to feed IRISXtract™ with a few sample documents of each type. The system trains itself automatically.

A unique classification concept

IRISXtract combines three different classification mechanisms to ensure the highest performance possible: a rule-based classification, a statistical analysis and a geometric pattern matching.

Free-form and template-based extraction

Our solution captures both structured and unstructured documents. Data extraction rules are based on the document type defined during the classification step.

Database lookups

The solution can use your reference data to improve the classification and the extraction quality.

Easy integration into your systems

Based on their type and content, documents and the data captured are routed to the right business processes for a fast and easy access.


We chose I.R.I.S. for their excellent classification results, transparency, speed, and the usability of XClassify.

- Henri Koks, Analyst CZ

We had several reasons for choosing I.R.I.S.. Of course, the core competence in document and mail classification was the main focus.

- Andreas Nolte, Head of IT arvato direct services

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