Accounts Payable Capture Solution

Do you want to speed up your processing times to focus on your core business? Discover our Accounts Payable Capture Solution and start working more efficiently than ever.

  • It automates the invoice data capture,
  • limits manual error and
  • reduces the costs for data entry by up to 80%.

All of your accounting data is incorporated into the heart of your company’s systems. Right where you need it to be.

Reduced processing time and cost

Quick return on investment

Improved productivity and transparency

International rollouts made easy

Improved supplier relationships

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Automate and speed up your invoice processing


Step 1 Scan / Import
The Accounts Payable Capture Solution has a process consisting of 4 steps. Step 1 is "Scan/Verification". In this step all your invoices are imported via scans, fax, emails, SFTP, your ERP, etc.

All your invoices are imported: scans, fax, emails, SFTP, your ERP, etc.

Step 2 Free-form extraction

No template needed, all indexes are automatically extracted.

Step 3 Verification
The Accounts Payable Capture Solution has a process consisting of 4 steps. Step 3 is "Verification". In this step data is double-checked using an extensive set of rules.

Data is double-checked using an extensive set of rules.

Step 4 Export
The Accounts Payable Capture Solution has a process consisting of 4 steps. Step 4 is "Export". In this step invoice data is automatically routed to your system.

Invoice data is automatically routed to your system.

A unique set of invoice data capture features

Free-form approach

Our template-free technology reads and captures all types of invoice formats. Unlimited number of suppliers, automatic adaptation when suppliers change their formats.

High extraction performance

The IRIS-made Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, iDRS, guarantees the highest extraction performance possible.

Powerful line-item extraction

Our state-of-the-art Table Finder extracts invoice line items with a precision never seen before.

Content Check

The IRISXtract™ invoice processing solution performs a content check after extraction. It examines data captured from individual fields and the relationships between them.

Database lookups

The reconciliation tool compares reference (master data) and transaction (invoice) data to optimize the extraction rate and complete the information captured on the invoice.

Master-data-less mode

When no list of suppliers is available, the solution captures data such as the VAT number and/or the bank account number from the invoice to allow the allocation of the respective creditor ID in subsequent business software suites.

Easy configuration

Our solution is designed to meet most invoice capture requirements. Nevertheless, it can be easily adapted to meet specific needs via a user-friendly configuration tool.


To increase the extraction performance even more, users can decide to apply some training methods for specific suppliers.


The processing time for invoices has been reduced through scanning and workflow, and our authority regarding commitments and documents that are in circulation has increased significantly.

- Ute Wedding, Team Leader of Payables, Carglass

By implementing the invoice processing solution we could reduce the processing time from several days to just a few hours.

- Jörg Burmeister, Head of Accounting & Insurances, Uvex

By implementing the automatic invoice capturing system, we have realized our potential in terms of efficiency and quality in the area of invoice processing.

- Ursula Tiehm, Head of Accounts Payable, Holcim

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