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Do you want to realize the full potential of our capture and classification software? Participate in our IRIS Training program! Whether you are a developer, consultant or project manager, we offer numerous training courses to teach you all about our solutions, and stay up to date with all possibilities. Discover how to optimize your project developments and refresh your knowledge with our IRIS training program.  



Every year, we organize multiple training courses on a number of subjects. Are you interested in taking a course in the next months? Find a detailed schedule here.


Trainings are held in our German office in Aachen. Are you traveling here? Discover all travel and accommodation info in our guide.

How to enroll?

To enroll, please fill out the registration form and send it to [email protected]

Canon employees should enroll via the Canon Learning Hub.


We use English as the main language to teach our training courses.

Our training courses

IRISXtract™ System Administration

Introduces you to the structure and processing of the software platform IRISXtract™ and provides comprehensive knowledge of the system’s administration.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ System Installation

Provides a complete walkthrough of the installation and configuration of an IRISXtract™ system and guides you through both the common and uncommon steps of an installation.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ Solution Package Accounts Payable

Provides an overall understanding of the Solution Package Accounts Payable (SPAP) – a high-end solution for invoice processing.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ Hybrid Forms Processing

Illustrates how to configure the type of solution which works best with static form documents that need automatic data extraction.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom

Teaches the use of classification, indexing and sorting documents, and specifically explains the handling of the Digital Mailroom solution, the classification component and the Solution Designer.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ Scripting

The Scripting training is based on VB.NET and teaches how to customize the IRISXtract™ platform by scripting within VSTA.

Course Details

IRISXtract™ Freetext and Line Item Search

Provides the attendees with in-depth knowledge and expertise in Freetext Searches and TableFinder by using the configuration tool “Solution Designer”.

Course Details


Provides a complete walkthrough of the installation and configuration of IRISPowerscan™.

Course Details 1-day training Course Details 2-day training

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