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Document Classification & Data Capture Automation

Automating document classification and data extraction will be the first success of your digital transformation journey. It will help you route meaningful information to the right recipients in your business applications.

  • Icon representing step "Capture / Import"

    Capture / Import

    From scanners, file systems, mobiles, emails, cloud…

  • Icon representing step "Sort & Classify"

    Sort & Classify

    Lay-out and content-based classification automation

  • Icon representing step "Extract"


    Extract forms and unstructured documents

  • Icon representing step "Verify"


    Easy & Powerful exception handling tools

  • Icon representing step "Deliver / Connect"

    Deliver / Connect

    Seamless connections into your business apps

  • IRISXtract™

    Logo IRISXtract™

    Whether you want to start small with one or two processes or deploy a company-wide business process automation, IRISXtract™ will adapt to your needs and scale up as you go.

    IRISXtract™ is a flexible and scalable client-server application platform to automate document classification and data extraction from forms and unstructured documents. Our proven AI-based technology assures unmatched recognition rates and faster-than-ever processing. Seamlessly integrating into your business applications is our top priority.

    Discover IRISXtract™
  • IRISPowerscan™

    Logo IRISPowerscan™

    You are looking for an easy-to-install, easy-to-use scan client application? IRISPowerscan™ is a fast scanning application coming with OCR, compressed searchable PDF generation, zonal indexation, bar-code reading, sorting… It is used as a desktop application or in a client-server-like architecture with a maximum of 10 users.

    IRISPowerscan™ is also used as a pure scan client to feed IRISXtract™ in projects requiring top-quality scanning and advanced document recognition.

    Discover IRISPowerscan™

Easy integration into your business applications

And many more …

Your Partner for Business Process Automation

  • Icon representing "Flexible & scalable solution platform"

    Flexible & scalable solution platform

  • Icon representing "Cloud, on-premise or hybrid"

    Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

  • Icon representing "Flexible pricing models: licensing, subscription, transaction"

    Flexible pricing models: licensing, subscription, transaction

  • Icon representing "7000+ installations running in production"

    7000+ installations running in production

IRIS Partners

Whether you become a Value Added Reseller, Business Process Outsourcer or any other kind of IRIS partner, we’ll help you upgrade your offering and bring more value to your customers.

Also discover IRIS’ Classification and Capture Automation Support ServicesTraining and Professional Services.

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    SANIMED Movie

    Discover our new Success Story with SANIMED.

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    Success Story Adobe Acrobat and IRIS

    Millions of people worldwide are using every day the #IRISOCR sdk thanks to Adobe Acrobat.

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  • 19.11.2021

    DM Awards 2021: IRISXtract™ awarded Accounts Payable Product of the Year!

    This year for the DM Awards 2021 IRISXtract™ has been awarded Accounts Payable product of the year.

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  • 12.11.2021

    Accelerate your entry in Quickbooks

    Take your Quickbooks to the next level with #IRISXtract™.

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  • 09.11.2021


    IRIS is a Premium Sponsor at HENRICHSEN's SAP PROCUREMENT SUMMIT Online Conference on November 24th, 2021.

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  • 28.10.2021

    IRISXtract at Gföllner

    IRISXtract´s™ Accounts Payable Solution at Gföllner.

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