IRISXtract license activation made easy

Today, a new way to activate your license from within the product has been added to your range of possibilities. Choose how you activate your license depending on whether the IRISXtract server has an Internet connection or not.

[NEW] You have an internet connection on the IRISXtract 5 server 

  • Get hold off the product key you received via email
  • Type it in the software of IRISXtract 5
  • Licensing runs automatically in the back of the system

You have no internet connection available on the server

  • Go online on a seperate device
  • Use the IRISXtract activation page 
  • Type in the product key and follow the instructions
  • An automated exchange of the identification and activation key will take place

Please use the product key for all further actions (contact with IRIS’ register and support teams, ordering additional licenses, license modification …).

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