Never Too Late To Automate!

Our commitment for both on-premise and cloud installations: “Provided that an Internet access is possible, IRIS solutions allow full remote deliveries, from specifications to user training via configuration and installation”

Why automating data capture is a top priority nowadays?

Remote working & decentralized working have been a global trend for years. We are not just living an anomaly that we will overcome before going back to normal. The Covid-19 pandemic has invited itself in our professional lives, forcing us to accelerate our digital transformation, not only to survive these challenging times but also to be fully competitive in anticipation of an upturn.

More than ever, companies’ capacity to rise above the competition will be based on the quality of their information and their ability to make it findable by their remote users.

That’s where IRIS solutions come into play, transforming paper into searchable documents and unstructured documents into structured, easy-to-share information.

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During the crisis, IRIS supports your initiatives

Get 3 months for free for any new subscription deal!

Whether you install your IRIS software on premise or in a cloud, you can always choose for a subscription model. Enjoy a trial of 3 months without commitment.

Please liaise with your BDM if you want to benefit from this offer.


Offer valid until December 31st 2020

The license subscription fee (including the maintenance cost) is covered in this offer. Other costs, like professional services, are not

If the trial is not ended before the end of the 3 month period, the contract is automatically renewed under the terms and conditions agreed between the parties

Our sales and pre-sales teams are happy to support your initiatives

From a first introduction (video) call to exploratory workshops, our BDMs are experienced to do it all from a distance using a wide range of online communication tools at their disposal.

Many thanks for your feedback from the field. Here are a few examples of what we see happening:

  • Organizations are forced to switch from paper to electronic more rapidly than expected. E.g. some companies don’t accept paper invoices or paper POs anymore since the social distancing measures have been enforced. They ask everything to be sent via email. Automatic capture is an obvious next step.

  • Companies understand better the true meaning of “Digital mailroom”. Whether it is for the whole company or a specific department, it means collecting, digitizing, classifying, indexing and routing documents to the right people/tools. Isn’t it exactly what it is needed these days? The beauty of it is that you can start small and ramp it up as you go.

  • The Corona virus situation has pushed many hospitals and public agencies to use a wide variety of new forms. Processing those documents is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Thank you for your ongoing trust.
We wish you and your families all the best. Stay safe.

The IRIS Solution team

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