Success Story with Canon Singapore and Corlison/ Pearlie White

What was once a small family business established in 1964, Corlison/ Pearlie White is now one of the largest distributors of personal, health care, and home cleaning products in Singapore.

Canon Singapore has implemented an IRISXtract™ solution for Corlison/ Pearlie White for capturing invoices and purchase orders. The free-form, full-text and template-free approach of IRISXtract™ gave Corlison/ Pearlie White full flexibility. The AI-based classification of IRISXtract™ helped them to simplify the process of data extraction. They are able to cope with a higher volume of orders at lower production costs with the same headcount which allowed Corlison/ Pearlie White a good Return On Investment (ROI) within a year because of the implementation of the solution.

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IRISXtract™ has been a game-changer for our business on many levels. IRISXtract™ was implemented and configured to fit our business needs, and data extraction became automated and seamlessly integrated with our ERP system. By automating the purchase order process, our workload was significantly reduced. Mr Andy Ong, Managing Director of Corlison / Pearlie White

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