AIIM survey in Partnership with IRIS

Source: AIIM Industry Watch in Partnership with IRIS 2021

Key Recommendations for Organization Leader and how IRIS can help you:
  • Organizations are loosing the battle against information chaos. The average organization scores its efforts as 1.64 from 4.0. IRIS will improve traceability, transparency of your data flows and workflows.
  • The result of the AIIM 2021 Industry Watch in Partnership with IRIS survey that for 25% of people digitizing, automating and integrated processes are one of the two most important challenges. With over 30 years of experience in document classification and understanding, IRIS will help you to automate and optmize your processes.
  • According to AIIM’s study, two of the most challenging competencies during the COVID period are information privacy, security and the digital workplace. IRIS has a proven track record in deploying solutions that ensure Secure & Fast data capture and sharing across the digital workplace.

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