Digital transformation in social housing

IRIS Partner: IRIS France



The DMS optimised and automated Valophis processes

The Valophis Group has been around for over 40 years, and it has grown significantly in that time. The Group has set up several sites, all in Val-de-Marne, but with fairly decentralised services, and at a certain point, to improve the processes and increase the efficiency it was essential to bring everyone together. The Valophis Group decided to build a single head office, which would be in Val-de-Marne and would house all of the back office functions. The organization soon realised that it has to store a large quantity of documentation and that space has to be saved, which could all be done in the future headquarters. That’s why dematerialisation soon emerged as an essential goal.

The Valophis Group then realised that the DMS could bring some major opportunities in terms of overhauling the processes and standardising the document management. Valophis Group integrated the DMS into their business tools, which are still the main ones for the employees. They will integrate naturally with the DMS, and the organization can switch smoothly from one to the other. The solution was designed to facilitate the users’ work by making document searches easier, with users focusing on the document they are looking for, not its location. It is also a tool that favours collaboration between all employees.

The partnership with IRIS has been extremely beneficial. IRIS took our objectives and our constraints on board immediately. We have worked together in an atmosphere of understanding and complete trust.

Olivier Maizeret, Valophis Group Director of Digital and Information Systems

Valophis is a major customer. It is our reference in the work of social housing. We have implemented a solution based on the whole IRIS software suite, from capture to electronic document management, all for 35 business flows. It was important for Valophis to have both a publisher and an integrator for these solutions, but a company that would also be capable of performing, what we call in outsourcing mode, a conversion service on a large document archive.

Frank Simon, Managing Director, IRIS France

Solution with:

  • 35 document flows are implemented
  • 800,000 documents have been added to the DMS
  • 50% only accessible in the tool