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Processing sensitive health care documents

Salumatics is a business process outsourcing company based in Canada that provides trusted information management services to health care organisations in Canada and in the USA. As a BPO they are specialized in processing critical and sensitive health information in parallel for multiple customer hospitals. With over 10 years of outsourcing experience, a solid infrastructure and a highly-secured ECM application, Salumatics has the capacity to convert 10 million documents per month.

The challenge for Salumatics is in the area of document classification. Their clients are looking for a fast turnaround time, sometimes faster than 24 hours. This while maintaining a flawless quality and at the same time getting the documents back to them in a very secure and accurate document format.

100% confidence level with automated classification

Document Classification means using the IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom to identify the form type. A typical hospital has between 350 and 1,200 different form types. The ability of the human brain to be able to identify the form type correctly every time is a challenge. Therefore, before this was automated, numerous levels of quality control had to be installed to make sure that they had the right information. IRISXtract™ and its classification module, on the other hand, provide a 100% confidence level that the forms are being classified correctly. No more human error.

Every one of Salumatics’ client outsourcing projects is a custom-built endeavor. For this, having a trusted relationship is very important. IRIS shares this value with Salumatics, it has been one of the key factors in the successful partnership. Because doing a first project is never a problem, but offering support along the way and facing challenges together is what makes a real partnership.

A typical hospital has anywhere from 350 to 1,200 different form types. The ability of the human brain to be able to process that and identify every form accurately every time is a challenge. And we have to employ numerous levels of quality control to make sure that we get the right information. IRIS and the classification module inside IRIS, allows us to build a 100% confidence level that the forms are being classified appropriately.
Scott McMillan, Senior Vice President, Operations, Salumatics Inc

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Key facts

  • 10 million documents processed per month
  • Between 350 and 1,200 different form types
  • 100% confidence level

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