Digitizing Legal Documents

IRIS Partner: Canon UK

A cloud solution to go paperless

DWF LLP is one of the UK’s legal industry success stories, growing from a four-person practice into a business employing over 2,300 people in 13 international locations with a global network of partners. The firm aims to build on its considerable success and climb the legal rankings to become a top 15 firm. It wants to achieve this via 3 strategic goals: deliver better client service, work with greater profitability and provide an environment that attracts the best talent and empowers its staff to work to their greatest potential. In an industry dominated by paper-intensive processes, the management of print and information within a digital working environment via a cloud solution is crucial in addressing these business goals.

Benefits of a digital mailroom in a law firm

Working closely with DWF, Canon devised and implemented a new document strategy and overhauled its business-wide print infrastructure for the capture of legal records. It introduced mobile document access, mobile printing and an IRISXtract™ digital mailroom as a cloud solution. This cloud solution is automatically digitizing legal documents and delivering all posted documents directly to the inbox of the lawyers in email form at 8 AM to help DWF’s staff work flexibly; whether they are travelling, with clients or working from a hot desk in a different office. The solution included a secure identification and job release system to help reduce environmental impact and bolster document security.

The digital mailroom solution alone represents a return on investment within two years and ongoing cost savings of up to 1 million pounds annually. This solution eradicates the need for the classic legal post room and ensures that information flows much more seamlessly throughout the business.

By empowering our users to access essential information and business processes wherever they are, we’re encouraging efficiencies and a spirit of doing more for our clients.
Janice Moores, Service Delivery and Procurement Manager, DWF

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Key facts

  • Cloud solution
  • 8 AM mail delivery in lawyers’ inboxes
  • 50% reduction in office storage
  • Annual cost savings of up to 1 million pounds
  • Achieved the strictest international information security standards with ISO 27001 certification