Digital Mailroom Solution at Government Agencies

IRIS and XA: Partnering to achieve business process optimization

The perfect combination of in-depth market knowledge and strong software forms the basis of the many years of collaboration between XA and IRIS. Together we do business process optimization with the IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom. This provides a solution to the increasing need to streamline incoming information in organizations. In essence, this means structuring, classifying and processing all incoming documents, both paper and electronic. “XA puts a lot of knowledge into the customer solutions that we provide. This collaboration runs perfectly and enables us to come up with appropriate solutions for business process optimization,” says Henning Krause of IRIS.

Government Agencies

The focus of the Digital Mailroom lies primarily with government agencies. Municipalities process the flows of incoming documents in a uniform manner in underlying systems. “Government projects are bound by strict rules,” adds Henning. “Thanks to XA’s specialized knowledge in this area, we are capable to, together, optimally realize these business process optimization projects.”

Largest Partner

XA is one of IRIS’ largest partners in the Netherlands. “The close collaboration and personal relationship ensures that we can work together easily,” says Maarten van der Klis of XA. “The consultants of XA are trained and certified on the IRIS products and can work independently. But when there are special requests, our consultants can always count on the IRIS team to seamlessly integrate into our team. When we need them, they are there.”

We are extremely pleased regarding our collaboration with IRIS, with strong communication and cooperation with our customers. Together we strive to maintain our excellent relationships and keep the customers up to date with our latest innovations and technologies. IRIS is a reliable company which delivers very high end products. Together with our knowledge and expertise we can help each other in finding cost effective solutions for our markets.

Martijn Jansen, director, XA Document Solutions

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Key facts

  • Focus on government agencies
  • IRISXtract™ certified partner
  • Close collaboration