Delivery Order Management

IRIS Partner: noeske netsolutions

Process automation for transport & logistics companies

eds is a logistics company that needs to extract data from the delivery orders they receive from their clients in order to feed their delivery order management system: WinSped.

They receive the delivery orders as PDF files attached to emails. Each PDF can consist of more than one multi-page delivery order. After importing the documents via XMailFetcher, the PDF is automatically separated into distinct delivery orders in IRISXtract™.

Through IRISXtract’s Hybrid Forms Capturing Technology, metadata is identified and validated automatically based on business rules. This metadata includes e.g. point of sale (delivery address), document number, delivery date, total gross weight, total net weight, total number of boxes. The files are then tagged with this metadata, verified and exported for further processing in WinSped.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery Order Processing

Process automation has enabled eds to save time and money, and to assure that the SLAs they have with their customers are met.

IRIS’ transactional pricing model is tailor-made for transport companies such as eds. It allows them to renew their license on a periodical basis, according to the contract run-time they have with their customers and in line with their investment policy.

In the meantime, eds is looking into further expanding the solution roll-out for other delivery management scenarios and enriching the existing solution with new features, such as line item search and processing of hand-written text.

eds – TRANSPORT – LOGISTIK offers since more than 30 years reliable, pan-European transport and logistics services. We focus on the continuous improvement of process quality and efficiency. IRISXtract™ grants to achieve these objectives through cutting edge intelligent delivery records processing and automated data capture technology by safeguarding customer SLAs and reducing process costs significantly.
Walter Pahl, General Manager, eds TRANSPORT – LOGISTIK GmbH

Solution with:

  • Logo IRISXtract
  • WinSped

Key facts

  • Up to 90,000 images processed annually.
  • Reducing processing time by over 90%.
  • Increasing process quality by over 25%.