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Thousands of IRIS installations are active across the globe. Together with our partners we optimized customer processes in all sectors of activities. Discover here a selection of our stories. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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“We were challenged by thyssenkrupp to prove that high levels of automation are possible in important corporate processes. In the challenge Product Matching Engine we made it to the final thanks to the innovative and expandable Purchase Order Capture Solution from our partner IRIS.”

– Martin Odinius, Founder, ecm:one


IRIS Partner: Henrichsen

Franke, the world’s leading provider of intelligent systems for domestic kitchens, has chosen an automated purchase order system from HENRICHSEN and IRIS. The installation, in use since September 2011, captures and processes almost 400,000 pages of purchase orders at Franke every year.

“We have achieved a noticeable increase in performance across the entire company thanks to the automation of our invoice and order processing.”

– Anton Lütte, Head of IT, Franke

Cook Medical

IRIS Partner: Canon Australia

Cook Medical Japan now has a world-class purchase order system in place without needing to employ extra staff. Accuracy has improved, as IRISXtract™ captures the maximum amount of correct information first time around. A further bonus comes by freeing up operators’ time to focus fully on flagged orders, further lowering the error rate and minimizing delays in dispatching the required device to the hospital that need it. Continued work with the developers means that the software can be manipulated constantly to accept purchase orders in any format.

“Cook Medical is pleased with the results. We will, in the future, look at extending IRISXtract™ to other countries in the region and look forward to working with Canon Australia.”

– Jithendra Nair, IT Director Asia Pacific, Cook Medical


IRIS Partner: Easy Software

Weber-Stephen Deutschland GmbH automates their invoice and order processing using IRISXtract™. Incoming invoices, orders and semi-structured forms are captured in a central location, then processed with IRISXtract™ and checked for plausibility (incl. redundancy checks). Subsequently the documents and data are automatically forwarded to Easy Documents for archiving and electronic filing. With the help of IRIS, Weber is able to reduce the processing times and simplify their working procedures; order entry and structured storage can be done in one step.

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