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Try & Trust is a sneak preview of how IRIS’ Free-Form Extraction works on unstructured & semi-structured documents.

Try & Trust comes with various demos:

  • Capture of invoices: invoice number, date, line items, net amount, etc.
  • Indexation of any type of document: email, web address, barcode, etc.
  • Data Protection: mask / blacken captured indexes.

You can try the IRIS example documents or upload your own files.

Try & Trust demo

Digital Transformation starts with Smart Document Understanding

  • Scanning, OCR & Compression

    Icon representing step "Scanning, OCR & Compression"

    IRIS Portable Scanners and Capture Software Solutions will digitize all your document flows, regardless of content type, source or channel.

    Icon representing step "Scanning, OCR & Compression"
  • Document Classification

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    IRIS’ Digital Mailroom Automation solution automatically identifies the type of all your incoming documents.

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  • Data Extraction

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    IRIS free-form Capture Solutions extract indexes from structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents.

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  • Workflows & Content Management

    Icon representing step "Workflows & Content Management"

    IRIS’ Content Management solutions provide a digital workplace where all users can search, read, edit, retrieve, approve…

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  • Seamless Integrations

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    IRIS’ Connector Platform routes smoothly documents and critical information to system folders, email and, literally, any business application.

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Your benefits

  • Icon representing  "Flexible and scalable solutions"Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Icon representing  "Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid"Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid
  • Icon representing  "Quick return on investment"Quick return on investment
  • Icon representing  "Flexible licensing models: perpetual, subscription, transactional"Flexible licensing models: perpetual, subscription, transactional
  • Icon representing  "EMEA, US & APAC offices"EMEA, US & APAC offices
  • Icon representing  "30+ years experience"30+ years experience
  • Icon representing  "Proven AI-based technologies"Proven AI-based technologies
  • Icon representing  "A key asset of the Canon Group"A key asset of the Canon Group

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