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“By empowering our users to access essential information and business processes wherever they are, we’re encouraging efficiencies and a spirit of doing more for our clients” Janice Moores, Service Delivery and Procurement Manager at DWF...


Take a look at how Weastec, a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, implemented document management software and data capture solutions from Canon Solutions America to help streamline business processes and workflows across all company departments. See how the powerful…...



Intelligent capture part of YellowFolder’s services to help schools go paperless “YellowFolder partnered with the IRIS team several years ago and we’ve never looked back.  By working together with the IRIS team, YellowFolder has become the pioneer in the industry.…...


Tact Group

“Instead of just capturing documents and images of documents, we are now involved, thanks to the relationship with I.R.I.S., in capturing information or data on those images or on those documents. And that gives us a much more stronger value…...


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